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Plug and Play

DanAds Plug and Play is a simple yet complete white label self-service platform that enables publishers to sell both digital and Native ad inventory to their long tail advertisers.

Developed and designed for publishers who want to automate their ad sales for digital and native ad campaigns with a ready to use self-service solution. It has an easy and quick implementation, with all maintenance services included.

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DanAds Enterprise solution is ideal for publishers who need a highly customizable and sophisticated self-service platform, in a automated guaranteed environment, with advanced advertising features, including targetin and native ads.

The Enterprise Platform connects directly to publisher’s Ad server, allowing for advertisement setup with advanced targeting and pricing options, that are available for advertisers during ad campaign booking.

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DanAds Marketplace is a self-service programmatic advertising platform, connected to more than 100,000 publishers and ad-networks worldwide, with the objective to help e-commerce merchants to increase sales through a smart marketing solution.

DanAds Marketplace provides the ability to set-up a ad solution for e-commerce merchants, who can manage their programmatic advertising, retargeting advertising and pre-targeting campaigns via a powerful algorithms for data-intelligence, all in a white label self-service platform.

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