Help your advertisers close the deal on Black Friday

In 2020, ecommerce advertisers spent 3x more on Black Friday than on the weeks preceding it. Black Friday 2020 was the second biggest online shopping day in history, and mobile spending represented the majority of paid search advertising.

So if last year is any indication, Black Friday 2021 looks set to be another advertiser spending spree – which is great news for digital publishers. Here are three quick tips to help your advertisers make the most out of the sales season.

Mobile on the move

Consumers turned to mobile shopping for their Black Friday purchases with 40% of purchases – $3.6 billion – made on smartphones, a 23% increase year-over-year. Mobile searches for “black friday deals” grew by over 200% in the past two years. Capitalise on the mobile trend with new and dynamic ad formats. Use video content and compelling creatives to break through the clutter and capture attention. Remember that mobile and desktop formats are very different – for example, video ads perform better when viewed on mobile than on desktop in terms of breakthrough. Share of screen and interactivity are key. 

Iterate and optimise

One of the key advantages of a self-serve platform is that it allows advertisers to quickly adapt their creatives if they aren’t performing at their full potential. Creating and comparing multiple iterations has never been easier – which means optimizing ad campaigns is an absolute must. Real-time measurement will allow advertisers to instantly get feedback about ad performance and react appropriately. For more tips on real-time campaign feedback, talk to your Customer Success manager who will be happy to help.

Create urgency

Even though the Black Friday season seems to get longer every year (with the additions of Cyber Monday, Cyber Week etc), it’s still a limited period, and instilling a sense of urgency in consumers is essential. Advertisers can offer themed promo codes to tempt on-the-fence prospects into purchase. Consumers are likely to research their desired products ahead of time, so make sure that creatives have multiple touchpoints before purchase. Leverage CRM systems to offer repeat advertisers deals, and target them with emails to create new ads. 

Last word

Black Friday 2021 looks set to be an exciting and profitable period for publishers and advertisers alike. Remember: try dynamic and video-based mobile ads, measure results in real time, and create urgency with CRM outreach and personalised promo codes. Best of luck! 

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