DanAds Core is our out-of-the box Self-Serve Advertising Platform containing all the features a publisher needs to operate a successful Self-Serve business.

At DanAds we live and breathe Self-Serve Advertising and we have spent the past 8 years doing nothing but building customized solutions for global publishers in different sectors.

We have taken all that know-how and expertise and embedded it into a one-of-a kind product that you can integrate with your existing tech stack. 

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DanAds Core

How does it work?

Some of our favorite features


Fully integrated with your Ad Server, Lead Management, CRM, ERP or any other system needed to make the self-service fully automized. All part of DanAds API Layer.

Sales module

Sales module allowing internal Sales and/or AdOps to book campaigns on behalf of your Advertisers and send proposals directly from the platform.

Customized approvals

You as a publisher can set up approvals of advertisers, orders, creatives etc. This is an appreciated feature allowing you as a publisher to be fully in control of what’s being published in your media.

Invite users

Enjoy the benefits of an inbound marketing tool, being able to invite advertisers straight from the platform.
Learn more in our Favorite Feature piece: Invite users 


Product Management

Product management module to manage the product portfolio with prices, pre-set targeting, etc. This module can also be integrated towards 3rd party systems.

Creative Builder

Module allowing media buyer to create their own ads, regular banners or native ads. Creatives are built from scratch or by uploading existing ads.

To learn more, check out our Favorite Feature piece on the Creative Builder. 


Utilize real-time campaign reporting 24/7 for both advertisers and publisher. All reports can be scheduled based on each stakeholder’s needs.

White Label

DanAds Core is a white label solution allowing you to brand your platform with your brand assets.

Core infrastructure


To give full control of data and transparency to our customers, DanAds software comes as an isolated environment on DanAds AWS (Amazon Web Services). The platform is developed as an infrastructure designed to connect to any technology needed and has its own API layer consisting of an API library covering everything from ad server, CRM and ERP to assets creation and storing.

More features available in the DanAds Core platform

First party Audience data, Behavioral, Audience, Geo, Zip, Category, Section, Gender, Age, Key Values, Day and Time, Frequency, etc.
Notification service to support the Advertiser during the onboarding process and campaign booking workflow, can also be used by the seller to get information regarding new Advertisers, orders, creatives, etc.
CRM Integration

Direct integration to your CRM system to minimize Advertiser management like duplicate entries, credit approvals, etc.

Availability control
Real-time availability checks all through the campaign booking process.

Quick and easy checkout via Adyen with support for credit card and invoice . Multi-currency support is by default.

We are constantly evolving our Core product and adding new features. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll talk about integrating Self-Serve into your business! 

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