DanAds is an adtech company that provides a fully automated self-service advertising booking system for publishers and media companies.

With the support of DanAds self-service technology, media owners and publications can have their advertisers booking and managing ads, by themselves, 24/7. DanAds that recently announces partnership with the award-winning app Truecaller, Has now, yet another successful partnership, this time with one of the biggest publications in Norway, Dagsavisen.

Mediehuset Dagsavisen is a network of editions (news sites and newspapers) built around the daily newspaper Dagsavisen in Oslo. In recent years Dagsavisen has transformed from a small local paper in Oslo, into a national and international newsroom, with several local sites and papers providing local news coverage bundled with national and international content. Mediehuset Dagsavisen now reaches roughly half the population of Norway every month.

I really looking forward to working with Dagsavisen. Their mindset around how they see on self-service ad bookings is great. Also, it is amazing for us at DanAds to work with yet another Norwegian publication, says Peo Persson, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at DanAds.

Dagsavisen has the ambition to offer the best self-service advertising solution in the Norwegian market, which places new demands on technology and advertising partners. DanAds has all of the features that we wanted, and for the ones that they don´t have, they will custom build it for us. Also, the UI is very clean and easy to use, both for the advertiser and the publication. Together with DanAds, we will provide a great platform that is especially suited for small and medium advertisers, says Marius Floberghagen, CMO at Dagsavisen.

Dagsavisen will implement DanAds innovative self-service solution called Enterprise. The platform will go live in December 2017.

For more information contact:
Peo Persson, co-founder and CPO på DanAds, +46 70 823 50 37, peo.persson@danads.se