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DanAds Marketplace is a self-service advertising platform, connected to Google AdWords, Google Shopping, and Google Display Network with the purpose to help e-commerce merchants to increase sales through a smart marketplace.

DanAds Marketplace provides the ability to set-up a ad solution for e-commerce merchants where the Merchants can manage all their advertising, retargeting advertising and pre-targeting campaigns via Google´s powerful algorithms. All in a white label self-service platform.

It is a cloud-based solution delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). With all-in-one capabilities, has fast implementation and low infrastructure maintenance.

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The Platform Includes

  • Integrated payment system with support for credit card payment.
  • Ad production tool for advertisers to design and upload ad creatives directly in the platform.
  • Campaign reports, and performance.
  • Insightful reports.
  • Pre-targeting and retargeting data.

This is the platform that helps e-commerce merchants to increase their business via smart advertising.

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