DanAds Signs Bloomberg Media Group

Fifty million visitors a month and operations in 73 countries. These are the numbers that DanAds now have access to through their new agreement.

DanAds has developed a sales system for publishers and media houses ads. The system allows advertisers to buy and customize their ads in real-time. Therefore, no actual interaction between the publisher’s advertising department and the advertiser is needed.

Just a few weeks ago, the company presented the music app Shazam as its latest customer. Now the company seems to have gained considerable momentum in the US market and signed an agreement with an even bigger player – the finance site Bloomberg.

“It’s fantastic for us. Shows evidence that we are growing and that the big customers are ready for new technical advertising solution platforms,” says Peo Persson, co-founder of DanAds.

However, he does not want to comment on what economic significance it will have for DanAds. It solely depends too much on the outcome.

“Our revenue model is based on taking a small portion of every ad purchase made through the system. There will be a big economic upswing, but we do not see it until 6-7 months when the platform is on the market. Moreover, the advertisers start using it,” says Peo Persson.

The advantage of DanAd’s system is that everything is automated. Means that a publisher can handle all advertisers that the publisher’s existing sales organization should not negotiate and spend time on.

“If you take Bloomberg, they are working in 73 countries and do not have the manpower to work with all small and medium-size advertisers who may want to pay 5,000-25,000,” says Peo Persson.

Foto: Annika Falkuggla och Seth Wnig/AP/TT