Shazam, one of the world’s most popular apps, has opend up their new self service platform. It’s part of a continued expansion for DanAds, which offers technology that enables advertisers to target and reach audiences directly through an easy-to-use buyer interface.

DanAds’ integration with Shazam, the mobile app that has become the way the world discovers content. Shazam has been downloaded more than 1 billion times, and users Shazam more than 20 million times globally every day.

“This agreement is a perfect indicator that our predictions are true around how we develop our self-service solutions for our clients, and we are incredibly energized to keep moving forward with more great clients in the U.S.,” says DanAds co-founder and Chief Product Officer Peo Persson. “What makes DanAds unique is that our solutions are highly customizable and scalable for clients to provide a truly white-label solution for their advertisers. We see that other self-service companies are ‘plug-and-play’ but according to our market research, publishers need a more flexible platform to support the wide variety of their advertising products and meet the demands of their internal business rules throughout the sales cycle.“

“We’re very excited about our partnership with DanAds, and the launch of our new Shazam self-serve platform,” says Jeffrey Mayer, Director of Programmatic at Shazam. “We had an immediate need with some of our global music clients to create workflow efficiencies and minimize touch points when activating artist promotion campaigns. It provides a solution where DSP buyer integrations or an exchange is not required in order to transact in an automated guaranteed environment. This is not a replacement for ad operations or ad sales, but an automated tool to facilitate better client relationship management.”