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Who we are

DanAds is the leading provider of digital advertising self-service platform which comes with the best features of ad forecasting, one-to-one direct programmatic, targeting options and ad-tools for publishers and advertisers.

Some of the World’s most successful publishers rely on DanAds for helping them save time working with their advertisers, close more deals and increase revenue.

We always deliver a flexible white label self-service platform that meets the demands of our publishers following their internal ad-business needs throughout the whole sales cycle.

All is coming with the best technology benefits and cost advantages to help Publisher scale fast and at low cost.

Our Platforms

Complete solutions for Publishers and Advertisers

DanAds helps publishers to generate revenue opportunities by automating manual sales processes and ad operations through a self-service advertising platform. The solution does not requires DSP buyer integrations or an Ad Exchange in order to perform transactions in a hyper local targeting automated guaranteed environment.

For Advertisers, it provides a complete campaign management system to to make ad forecasting, buy targeted and guaranteed ad placements, online and print, in real time, on one or more convenient locations, giving them the ability to target their desired audiences, directly on the publisher’s news-site.

DanAds platforms are delivered as white-label, to fit all corporate branding strategies.

Our Platforms

Why DanAds

  • Reduces operational costs
  • Drives advertiser demands in a sophisticated sales ecosystem, increasing profitability for both publishers and advertisers
  • Educational and promotional marketing resources to help advertisers to easily use the platforms
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Complete Native Ad solutions

Let your advertisers buy native ads via your own programmatically self-service platform.

  • Serve simple, native ads that are optimized for user experience.
  • Use DFP Creative templates.
  • Integrates directly with Google’s native API through DFP.
Our Platforms

Some of our clients

What our client says

“We’re very excited about our partnership with DanAds, and the launch of our new Shazam self-serve platform. We had an immediate need with some of our global music clients to create workflow efficiencies and minimize touch points when activating artist promotion campaigns.”

Jeffrey Mayer, Director of Programmatic – Shazam.


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