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Some of the benefits of working with DanAds:

Industry-leading expertise

We have a long experience and deep knowledge of what self-serve can do for your business. This means we can support you in every single phase, all the way from technology and development to strategy, marketing, and management. This is how we help you bring self-service to the advertising market.


Through deep market analysis and many years of business experience, we know what is important for today’s customers: scalability, cost control and ROI. Our self-serve infrastructure is therefore completely customizable and white-labeled, meaning you have a fully adaptable solution ready to be integrated into your current business flow. All this regardless of branding, business logic and internal AdOps systems.


Your strategy for go-to-market is crucial for you to be successful with self-serve. This is regardless if you want to increase your margins by transferring revenues from direct sales or find new revenues from Advertiser segments that you don’t have today. We know how important this is and have a dedicated Customer Success Team whose entire focus is to implement the best go-to-market strategy for each DanAds client.  Read more on our best tips for a successful go-to-market strategy here.

First-party data control

As all publishers prepare for the post third-party cookie era, first-party data has become more important than ever. It’s time for straight-from publisher first party data to take center stage. With self-serve, you as a publisher get full control and ownership of your 1st party data. 

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More of our features:

Micro-budget booking

In order to maximize the collective potential of long-tail Small and Medium Businesses, you can allow them to define their own budget size. As the process of purchasing media through your platform is fully automized, even small advertisement budgets will be profitable for you.

Complete native advertising solution​

One reason to fail with self-serve is when creative management is hindered. In our solution, you will let advertisers create their own native ad using pre-defined templates which means you will see an improved throughput of bookings with good results. All templates are of course customizable to fit your needs.


DanAds’ Demand Side Platform (DSP) enables you to offer your existing inventory to external parties in a controlled way, keeping your data safe. It also enables you to allow your advertisers to purchase your audience data in channels outside of your own network without giving away any data.


Your advertisers will get access to detailed, real-time reports available 24/7 for all their campaigns. We will provide you with deep insight reporting of how your self-service platform performs when it comes to user drop-off, conversion rate, checkout abandonment and other user interactions defined by you.

Easy payment checkout

DanAds self-service platform integrates all global leading payment providers for a quick and easy payment checkout.

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