Meet Fayez Saad from the DanAds Core team

Fayez Saad, DanAds

In our new people series you get the chance to have a look behind the scenes and meet the people behind the success story of DanAds. We have the best team in the world and we’d really like you to meet them! 

This time, let us introduce the one and only Fayez Saad from our DanAds Core team.

Fayez! What do you do at DanAds?

I’m a Project Manager in the Core team.

What does the Core team do?

We are a relatively new team, solely focusing on building what we call our DanAds Core Platform. It’s basically what it sounds like – we’ve taken all the experience we’ve gained from years of building customized Enterprise platforms, and incorporated that into a Core product. Our pumping heart if you will. 

Together we are developing a modern, feature rich self-serve platform.  Our goal is to have a highly customizable, super flexible platform where publishers can choose what features fit their business so that we can onboard them accordingly.

Hence, we are continuously adding features, with the goal to cover all the crucial aspects of self-serve ad management for small- to medium-sized advertisers.

How did you find your way to us?

My previous employer in Stockholm was acquired by Nasdaq exchange. I needed a change to my career path to boost my energy.
My goal was to find an employer where I can seek self-development and grow my experience within the business field. DanAds popped up on my LinkedIn and I started reading up self-serve platforms and self-service advertising. I took a shot and applied!!

What has happened with the company since you started from your perspective? How would you describe DanAds today?

Since I joined to be part of DanAds family, we’ve managed to deliver top notch features to our customers, and as we’ve grown I’ve been a part of the journey to scale up all necessary support and developement functions  to meet and fulfill our customer’s expectations.

The most significant event for me personally was joining the Core team from it’s creation. Overall, Danads is a fast-paced employer where you can learn from new challenges.

How do you like working at DanAds and why?

Working with positive colleagues where everyone wouldn’t for a second hesitate to help and assist you when you need a hand. Constructive feedback is part of the DanAds family and something I value in my work.
The excitement of starting new projects and interacting with new clients has fuelled my passion to grow as DanAds grows.

What did you do before joining DanAds?

After graduating from University in Syria, I worked for about a year as a before deciding to move to Sweden.

I used to work at Cinnober Financial Technology as a support manager. My day-to-day job was to support top Stock Exchanges around the globe following our support metrics. That company got aquired, I startedto look around for new challenges and the rest is history.

What’s the main difference working in Sweden vs Syria?   

I guess the work culture is the most essential difference I’ve noticed. Due to the war in Syria, business was done locally and there was no international connection. In Sweden, not to mention in DanAds, the ability to work with globally known international customers is a big plus. 

Any favorite features in our Self-Service Platforms?

Lately, we added two new features to our Core platform, that are connected with each other.
Customer Groups: With this feature, you as a publisher can segment your advertisers by assigning them to different groups. 

Price Management: This feature allows you to set specific prices for different groups of advertisers.
Those are my favorite features so far because as a publisher you can set different prices (higher or lower) for different advertiser groups in one product, without having to set up an unnesserarily complex set of products. 

How do you spend your time when you’re not building beautiful products?

One of my favorite hobbies is working out. I consider sport to be a helpful stress relief after a long day at work. I also like to watch football – “BIG MAN UNITED FAN!” while cracking a couple of beers with my friends.

Lately, I also started to play paddle tennis every weekend.

Something not many people know about you?

I JUST got my Swedish citizenship three days ago! 

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