Interview with Allison Lambroza at Tripadvisor

Meet Allison Lambroza from Tripadvisor

Are you considering Self-Serve for your business? Interested in hearing from some of the companies that are already enjoying the benefits of automation? We’ve taken the liberty of interviewing some of our clients regarding their thoughts on Self-Serve Advertising and what role they believe it will play in the future. If you’d like to learn more or get in touch with us or any of our clients, reach out and we’ll talk! 

Without further ado, let us introduce Allison Lambroza, Head of Sales, Travel & Growth at Tripadvisor – the world’s largest travel advice website. Tripadvisor Media Manager gives advertisers the opportunity to reach 491 million engaged users who use Tripadvisor globally every month. With more than 20 years of experience, Tripadvisor is a trusted and highly recognisable brand. In our second summer interview, Allison shares her thoughts and experiences with self-serve.

Hi Allison! In your opinion, what are the benefits for a media owner working with a self-serve platform? 

Incorporating a self-service platform into a media platform workflow allows a publisher to focus their direct sales efforts on clients with the greatest revenue potential.  Sales & Sales/Ad Operations resources are not lost to a long-tail string of advertisers whose revenue contribution is limited and who require a greater level of day to day support through the life of a media campaign.

Why do you think there has been an increased demand from media owners for self-serve platforms?

There is significant revenue opportunity through the aggregation of long tail accounts. Setting up a self-serve offering allows small-to-medium businesses to activate on your platform independently with reduced strain on internal resources. Self-Serve ultimately allows media platforms to expand rather than sideline potential revenue while educating and empowering clients to build and manage their own media campaigns. 

What advice would you give to a media owner considering self-serve as an option?

Self-serve is not a ‘set it and forget it’ solution. It should not be considered support or resource free from a publisher perspective.  In order to be successful, resources should be dedicated to marketing initiatives to create awareness of the service and offerings, as well as administration of the platform and day to day customer support to ensure successful client experiences for long term and repeat adoption of the platform. 

How would you describe the role self-serve has to play in the travel and hospitality industry? 

From bed and breakfasts, to local restaurants, to independent tour operators, and the millions of small-to-medium businesses companies that make up the travel and tourism industry, self-serve can play a big role in helping these businesses access audiences that can drive awareness and sales of their services. Self-serve platforms not only give these small to medium businesses access at the budget they can afford, but allows for control, monitoring, and most of all flexibility in real time.  

What are your predictions for self-serve advertising platforms in the media industry in the future?

Self-serve will continue to grow and evolve in its use cases and applications, opening up and creating efficiencies for new revenue streams and workflows. There will be continued opportunities and greater understanding of how self-serve platforms can be expanded to address new strategies and business needs. 

Thank you Allison for taking part in our Summer Interview series. To learn more about the Tripadvisor Media Manager, click here.

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