How the rise of streaming TV is changing advertising for publishers

Streaming TV's meteoric rise is flipping the script on how content is consumed, cracking open a massive opportunity just for you, the publisher. As viewer habits shift, you're sitting on a goldmine, with streaming platforms offering a fresh battleground to capture a wider audience and boost your ad revenue. Here, you’ll dive into what this future looks like and exactly how it's set to redefine your approach to advertising.

The rise of streaming-first networks

Streaming-first networks have shaken up the old TV scene, making clear that content rules. For you, as a publisher, this means a chance to engage your audience directly with the high-quality, on-demand content they’re after.

By getting in on streaming-first channels (or even starting your own), you’re not just following the trend – you’re leading it. This move puts you in the driver’s seat, ready to attract an engaged audience and turn their attention into targeted advertising opportunities.


Shifting from traditional to streaming TV

The move from traditional cable to streaming is your opportunity to revolutionize your approach to advertising. With giants like Netflix and Hulu opening their doors to ad-supported models and 85% of US households subscribed to at least one video streaming service, it’s clear that integrated advertising is becoming an untapped goldmine.

Here’s where you come in – armed with innovative, viewer-first advertising strategies. Capitalize on this shift by offering ads that resonate with viewers and blend seamlessly into their streaming experience. And the best way to do it? Advertising platforms.


Unlock full streaming ad potential with self-serve advertising platforms

Self-serve advertising platforms are game-changers for publishers like you, looking to squeeze every bit of value from your ad inventory without risking brand safety. These platforms hand you the keys to automating ad sales and targeting with laser precision on streaming TV, boosting efficiency and your bottom line.

Dive into self-serve tech, and you’re looking at a future where you’re in full control of ad placements, crafting campaigns that speak directly to your viewers’ preferences, and connecting with advertisers hungry for niche audiences.

Self-serve advertising platforms also happen to be built on the availability of first-party audience data, making the case for their use even better. But more on that later.


Leverage first-party data for tailored ad campaigns

Okay, not that much later. First-party data? Your secret weapon. As a publisher, you have direct access to viewer insights through streaming platforms – such as what your audience loves, watches, and behaves like online.

By tapping into this data (hint: through your advertising platform), you position yourself to deliver personalized, engaging, and memorable ad experiences. The approach enhances the relevance of your ads and boosts their impact, giving advertisers the targeted reach they dream of.


Build trust through quality content and relevant advertising

In addition to utilizing self-serve platforms and first-party data, you also need to consider your relationship with viewers. Because building trust isn’t just about delivering great content; it’s about how your ads complement that content.

As a publisher, your knack for curating content that hits the right note with your audience does more than keep them coming back – it turns your platform into prime real estate for advertisers looking to connect through quality and relevance.

By seamlessly weaving ads into your content’s fabric, matching its tone, and catering to viewers’ interests, you’re doing more than selling ad space. You’re also enhancing the viewing experience, solidifying viewer loyalty, and opening doors to more receptive advertising engagement.


The cherry on top: Connected TV (CTV)

Another factor is the growing use of Connected TV (a.k.a. TVs connected to the internet). The shift in spending speaks for itself. While traditional TV ad budgets are shrinking, connected TV ad investments are on a sharp rise, with a projected increase of 36.5% against a decline in linear TV by 7.5%. Why not capitalize on this?

CTV isn’t just another channel – it’s your direct line to viewers’ living rooms. For you, it means offering advertisers a golden ticket: prime ad space where campaigns come alive, captivating viewers on a bigger screen and leaving a lasting impression.

Ready to take control of your advertising future? DanAds provides the cutting-edge tools you need to thrive in the evolving landscape of streaming TV. Our self-serve advertising platform gives you autonomy over your ad operations, enabling you to create, manage, and optimize campaigns that resonate with your audience and attract high-value advertisers. Reach out to us today to see how DanAds can amplify your advertising potential.

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