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As a publisher, implementing a self-serve platform can simply be a way to automate ad sales. Alternatively, with a little effort, it can be the gateway to increased revenue across the board, and particularly from SMEs. To make the self-serve platform work for you it is vital to market it aggressively to your potential users and to keep them coming back. In this blog entry we’ll cover three simple steps you can take to maximise revenue and retention with your long-tail advertisers.

1. Marketing Automation Campaigns

“Build it and they will come.” Great in theory, not so much in practice. Your long-tail advertisers cannot use your self-serve platform if they don’t know it exists, which is why a marketing automation campaign is a simple and cost-effective way of creating awareness among advertisers. If your platform already has a subscriber base, and particularly when those subscribers are businesses, this is a great place to start. Automated emails designed to nudge prospects through the sales cycle, with the end goal of them placing an advert in your system, work best when used on a large database of potential advertisers. A reasonable investment here can generate exponential returns down the line as you build a solid base of advertisers and maintain frequent communication with them.

2. Use Testimonials as Proof of Concept

Demonstrate, don’t explicate. For your long-tail advertisers to realise the potential of your self-serve platform, you must demonstrate its efficiency with a case study or testimonial. Successful examples include those produced by DanAds client Mail Metro Media Ad Manager, published in both MailOnline and Metro UK. What makes these testimonials effective is that they illustrate both the simplicity of the process (always appealing to time-strapped SMEs) and the quality of the results (in hard numbers: clicks, traffic, enquiries). As a final cherry on top, they put a human face on the process and make it relatable. Testimonials are highly recommended. 

3. Collaborate with DanAds

DanAds has been lucky enough to acquire a strong and varied network of contacts in the publishing and advertising sector. This makes us uniquely well-positioned to spread thought leadership content through a number of channels, both social and editorial. From podcasts and interviews to conferences and roundtables, DanAds is able to reach a large number of advertisers and inform them about your self-serve solution. Collaborating in an event can be a great way to reach more advertisers and create a buzz around your new ad platform. Talk to your Customer Success representative at DanAds to discuss potential opportunities. 

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