Meet Eoin McGregor – our Head of Customer Success

Eoin McGregor from the Customer Success team

In our new people series you get the chance to have a look behind the scenes and meet the people behind the success story of DanAds. We have the best team in the world and it’s about time you get to meet them!

This time, let us introduce Eoin McGregor, based in our HQ office in Stockholm.

Eoin! What do you do at DanAds?

Hi! I’m the Head of Customer Success.

What does the Customer Success team do?

Our role is to help our publishers drive as much revenue through their platforms as possible! We collect best practices and insights regarding commercial strategies and use this knowledge to help our customers.

How did you find your way to us?

I found the job via LinkedIn! 30 minutes after applying I had a call from our previous CRO Fredrik and a day later I met up with him in the office for an interview. There was a summer holiday in the middle, but a month or so later, I started at DanAds.

What has happened with the company since you started from your perspective? How would you describe DanAds today?

Well, I guess the main change has been that we are now mainly working remotely. I miss being able to see all of my colleagues in the office, but I’m also glad that we’ve been able to make the transition to remote work so smoothly. Regarding Customer Success, we’re now a team of 4 and we’ve started to see some great results with more revenue flowing into our customer’s platforms.

How do you like working at DanAds and why?

I enjoy working at DanAds for many reasons and it’s hard to pick just one to talk about here, but if you were to twist my arm, I’d have to say the environment around bringing new ideas to the table and having the chance to try them out. The flat hierarchical structure at DanAds has helped to build a really positive environment for innovation. If anyone thinks we could be doing something better they are encouraged to share and try out new things.

What did you do before joining DanAds?

I’d been working in Sales for roughly 10 years before deciding I wanted to change things up a bit. I had gradually started moving more towards a Customer Success related role, when I saw DanAds was looking for someone to start up the CS team. I’d worked with recruitment advertising previously and what DanAds was doing really interested me. Fast forward nearly 2 years and here we are today!

What’s the main difference between working in Sweden vs UK?

I’ll never forget my first day working in Sweden. I’d packed a sandwich, crisps and a drink for my first lunch, a pretty typical working lunch in the UK. When I sat down in the kitchen to eat with the rest of my colleagues, they all looked at me as if I were an alien. “You call that lunch?”, “Don’t you want some warm food?”, “crisps for lunch, that’s so English..” It’s safe to say I go for more “Swedish” style lunches these days.

Any favourite features in our Self-Service Platforms?

I guess it isn’t exactly a feature, but my favourite aspect about what we do is how frictionless we make it for our publishers to use our platforms. Our platforms only require one manual approval step that usually takes 10-15 seconds before an advert can be pushed live.. Comparing that with the older direct sales process that involved a number of admin heavy tasks, it shows how our platform can really help our publishers become more efficient.

How do you prefer to spend your time when you’re not customer successing?

I love sports, video games and travelling. It’s been a great year for video games, but I’m really looking forward to watching more sports games live and finding new places to explore on holiday once we get through COVID.

Something not many people know about you?

My great grandfather (James Bradley) played for Liverpool football club in the early 1900s and won the equivalent of the Premier League. His winner’s medal is in the Anfield Museum. In contrast, on my 15th birthday I played a cup final with a hundred or so people watching. I scored a comical own goal (I could hear the laughter from the stand) and we lost 2-1.

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