Meet Harry Robinson from Philips

Meet Harry Robinson from Philips

Are you considering Self-Service for your business? Interested in hearing from some of the companies that are already enjoying the benefits of automation? We’ve taken the liberty of interviewing some of our clients regarding their thoughts on Self-Service Advertising and what role they believe it will play in the future. If you’d like to learn more or get in touch with us or any of our clients, reach out and we’ll talk!

Meet our friend Harry Robinson.  Harry is a Senior Analyst at Philips and a key player in the implementation of Philips in-house Self-Service Advertising Platform

Harry Robinson, Senior Analyst at Philips

In your opinion, what are the benefits for a media company working with a self-service platform?
Democratisation – the beauty of self-serve is that it empowers the advertisers/marketers. We have tried central models in the past, but you always hit the same roadblocks – you end up being a bottle neck. This is even more true if you have a portfolio that is geographically diverse – the management centrally gets overwhelming very quickly. By using a self-serve you’re able to democratise the effort required to execute campaigns – this includes localisation, creatives, the booking flow and most importantly locale marketeers generally know their audience the best.

Why do you think there has been an increased demand from the media companies for self-service platforms?
This trend has been pedalled largely by the “big companies” (FB and Google), and ultimately, it’s a win for everyone. The business gets to work with a wider range of companies from small to enterprise, the users get more creative diversity and a larger offering and small companies have the opportunity to advertise in space that historically was unavailable to them.

Are self-service platforms good for advertisers of all sizes?
I think so – it creates an “Even playing field” where the best advertisements win. This shouldn’t be dictated simply by how much money you have to spend – as we see all the time, there’s some amazing product offerings from companies of all sizes and some really innovative ones from very small companies who typically won’t have huge marketing budgets.

What advice would you provide to media companies looking to enable a self-service advertising platform?
Plan your execution thoroughly, think about your target audience and give yourself enough run rate to really test and learn from your customers.

What are your predictions for self-service advertising platforms in the media industry in the future?
Digital ad space is a big market, and it’s growing every year. I think companies with large audiences are likely to follow suit as they recognise it’s really the only way to make your audience accessible to the masses.

Read the full Case Study on how Philips saved 5M$ already in their first year of using Self-Service

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