Meet Kurt Donnell, CEO at Freestar

Are you considering Self-Service for your business? Interested in hearing from some of the companies that are already enjoying the benefits of automation? We’ve taken the liberty of interviewing some of our clients regarding their thoughts on Self-Service Advertising and what role they believe it will play in the future. If you’d like to learn more or get in touch with us or any of our clients, reach out and we’ll talk!

From our friends at Freestar, let us introduce Kurt Donnell.

Kurt is the President and CEO of Freestar and is, just like us, a fan of self-service.

In your opinion, what are the benefits for a media company working with a self-service platform?
Self-serve platforms provide a great medium for publishers to facilitate lower dollar transactions with advertisers that have smaller budgets or who want to test a smaller buy before working on a larger campaign without bogging down the publisher’s sales team.

Why do you think there has been an increased demand from the media companies for self-service platforms?
Many advertisers have found success advertising on Facebook, Google and other platforms where they can directly manage campaigns vs. working with a sales team. Providing a similar experience on individual sites or groups of sites can allow access into additional budgets or facilitate transactions with smaller advertisers and frees up internal sales resources as previously noted.

Are self-service platforms good for advertisers of all sizes?
They certainly can be depending on the sophistication and team makeup of the advertiser. Working directly with a publisher may provide higher quality or more targeted inventory and potentially lower prices than going through an Agency, DSP and SSP.

What advice would you provide to media companies looking to enable a self-service advertising platform?
If you are going to enable a self-service platform ensure that you are promoting its availability. For example, a publisher can include small “Advertise Here” calls to action in the site and obviously will need to have a dedicated page describing the self-service offering.
·What are your predictions for self-service advertising platforms in the media industry in the future?
I believe it will ultimately depend on the scale and level of targeting that a media company can provide. Facebook and Google have done incredibly well in this arena due to their ability to target very specific audiences at scale. If a media company or group of media companies can provide something similar, I believe advertisers will be very interested as their goal is to diversify their spend assuming similar performance.

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