2023 Digital advertising trends: what to expect

2022 has been another exciting and dynamic year in the world of digital advertising. Looking ahead, here are our predictions for 2023, according to our expert leadership team.

Television – linear and CTV 

  • A continued shift towards streaming platforms, with advertisers following the audience to these new channels and investing in more personalized, interactive ads.
  • The rise of new technologies, such as advanced targeting and self-serve, which could enable advertisers to reach specific audiences more efficiently and effectively.
  • An increased focus on the integration of TV ads with other channels, such as social media, to create a seamless and effective cross-platform advertising strategy.

Retail media 

  • An emphasis on the integration of online and offline channels, as retailers seek to create a seamless and consistent experience for customers across all touchpoints. This could include the use of in-store devices and other technologies to deliver personalized and location-based ads to consumers.
  • A continued trend towards the consolidation of retail media networks, as larger networks acquire smaller ones or form partnerships to gain a competitive advantage and offer a more comprehensive range of ad formats and options to advertisers.
News publishing 

  • A continued shift towards first-party audiences and leveraging the trust and brand reputation of premium publishers as a unique selling point.
  • An emphasis on building strong relationships with advertisers and offering them a range of innovative and effective ad formats and options.
  • The continued growth of native advertising, as publishers look for ways to integrate sponsored content seamlessly into their editorial offerings.

First-party data

  • An increased focus on user privacy and the use of first-party data in advertising, as advertisers seek to comply with new regulations and gain the trust of consumers.
  • An emphasis on building strong relationships with consumers and offering them a personalized and relevant advertising experience, as advertisers seek to differentiate themselves in a crowded and competitive market.
  • An increasing trend towards the consolidation of first-party data across multiple channels and devices, as advertisers seek to create a more comprehensive and accurate view of their customers.
In conclusion, the digital advertising landscape is expected to continue evolving in 2023, with a number of key trends and developments shaping the industry. Television advertising is expected to shift towards streaming platforms and become more personalized and interactive, while retail media is likely to focus on the integration of online and offline channels and the consolidation of networks. News publishing is expected to prioritize building strong relationships with advertisers and publishers and offering innovative ad formats, while first-party data is likely to become increasingly important in the wake of new privacy regulations. By keeping an eye on these trends, advertisers and publishers can position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges that 2023 will bring.

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