We have a long experience and extensive knowledge of what a customized self-serve infrastructure can do for your business. This means we can support you in every single phase, all the way from technology and development to strategy, marketing, and management.

DanAds Enterprise provides you as a  publisher with your own customizable, scalable, white-labeled self-serve technology, allowing for automation of all ad operation, sales, and creative management to increase revenue effectively.

You’re in good company

Here are some of our Enterprise clients

White Label

DanAds enterprise is a flexible white label solution to cover all your needs related to branding and business logic.



We pride ourselves in being experts of automation – integrating with your Ad Server, Lead Management, CRM, ERP or any other system needed to make your self-serve fully automated. 

Data Control

You should be the only one in control of your 1st party data, which is why we make sure that your data is both protected and owned by you as a publisher


To give full control of data and transparency to our customers, DanAds software comes as an isolated environment either on DanAds AWS (Amazon) or in the publisher’s own network. The platform is developed as an infrastructure designed to connect to any technology needed and has its own API layer consisting of an API library covering everything from ad server, CRM and ERP to assets creation and storing.

As an addition to the Enterprise Configuration, the Platform can be tailored with customized modules, to adjust to the needs of your organization fully.