SCHEDULED EVENT: DanAds enters partnership with Digital Content Next and will be at the DCN Next Summit Feb1-5 2021

We’re thrilled to be entering a partnership with DCN – Digital Content Next.

We are kicking off our collaboration by sponsoring the main publisher event of the year: DCN Next Summit on Feb 1st-5th. Are you attending aswell? Don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll connect!

The DCN Next: Summit brings together executives from Digital Content Next’s member companies – and select invited guests – to learn from insight-packed speakers.

DCN events are designed for members to roll up their sleeves and dig into discussions with their peers. Speakers provide insights into their businesses and share real-world examples of what’s working and what’s not. Why? Because these events are closed-door, no press or video and members feel safe sharing their expertise and their questions.

In addition, the content is noticeably different from the PR-approved, substance-light presentations you’ll find at events targeting more general audiences representing the entire digital ecosystem. Members attend because the agenda is focused exclusively on their current issues and there are no consultants or press in the room.

DCN member events are hyper-focused on what publishers need to know today, and we are looking forward to be a part of it.

For more info on the impressive list of Keynote Speakers, and an even more impressive attendee list, visit DCN’s website