Swedish DanAds continues to expand with Bloomberg Media

DanAds, a Swedish self-service advertising solution, today announced Bloomberg Media as their latest client to use their self-service technology.

About DanAds DanAds offers a white label self-service platform for publishers with an inventory in print, web and mobile. The platforms different technology ́s are build to targeted and reach audiences in the same way that Facebook and Google Adwords can. At the same time DanAds offers a great revenue opportunity for media owners as the platform automates all of the manual sales and ad operations that has a high daily cost. For more information, visit: http://www.danads.com/.

About Bloomberg Media Bloomberg Media is designed to make global leaders smarter, faster – with breaking news, expert opinion, and proprietary dataCpowered insights distributed on every platform, across every time zone. Bloomberg Media is the ONLY business media company that can be consumed globally on every single platform C web, mobile, TV, radio, print and live events. We span 73 countries and 150+ news bureaus, with over 2,400 journalists powering a premium audience at scale whenever, wherever.

For more information please contact:
Peo Persson, Chief Product Officer