DanAds announces partnership in Poland with marketing software specialists Looksoft

DanAds continues to bring self-serve advertising solutions to an ever-greater number of publishers and has now entered the Polish market through a partnership with Looksoft. The latter specialises in mobile marketing and advanced mobile solutions, and will be the local representative for DanAds going forwards. 

“Publishers in Poland earn mainly on sales of a programmatic and direct cooperation with media and advertising agencies or advertising networks. The process of direct sales, especially in the sector 
of small and medium enterprises, is very expensive. It relates to maintenance of a sales department, traffic, costs of financial settlements. Automation of sales process allows publishers to offer advertisers a self-service model, where the whole process of creating an account and launching a campaign may take less than 5 minutes”, explains Rafał Sułkowski, Sales Director of Looksoft Advertising.

“Thousands of small and medium companies want to advertise in local media or at national publishers but it is too complicated and expensive. It requires contact with an advertising sales department and going through the whole process. Thanks to DanAds, publishers can sell more of their advertising inventory, increase their margin and serve more clients with the use of the self-service platform”, highlights Rafał Sułkowski.

“We have chosen Looksoft Advertising to develop our product on the Polish market because the agency has outstanding experience in cooperation with foreign partners and a unique combination of marketing and technological competences”, says Istvan Beres, CEO of DanAds.