Edison Interactive launches DOOH self-serve platform powered by DanAds

Edison Interactive, a CMS for connected screens, today launched a self-serve platform for digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertisers, as a result of a partnership with self-serve adtech company DanAds.

The self-serve functionality opens up ad placements for budgets as small as $500. Brands with budgets of all sizes will be able to access inventory in rental vehicles, hotel rooms, ski resorts and other Edison Interactive DOOH spaces. For instance, the company recently launched ads in golf carts in connection with golfer Greg Norman’s Shark Experience presented by Verizon.

The Edison Ad Manager includes free creative ad builder services and allows marketing teams to choose ad formats, and to target audiences and markets at the national, regional and state levels, as well as at specific locations. There is also creative testing functionality in the ad manager.

“In the past the restrictions of building creative for OOH have often limited advertisers, but these constraints are no longer the case for DOOH as you can utilize standard IAB ad unit sizes,” said Istvan Beres, CEO of DanAds.

The DOOH transformation is making desirable locations and audiences accessible to advertisers, and also measurable. Advances in the digital delivery system on a connected digital OOH screen make the serving of new ads more affordable with less overhead, meaning that smaller advertisers can jump on those same locations. 

As a result, national advertisers can more easily fit DOOH into an omnichannel strategy, while local advertisers who might have been priced out before, can buy up their own slice of view time.