Opera Ads launches self-serve ad platform powered by DanAds

Opera [NASDAQ: OPRA] has announced the launch of its self-serve advertising platform Opera Ad Manager, powered by DanAds, a customizable and scalable self-serve ad tech infrastructure for tier1 publishers. It is designed to create, manage, and report on digital advertising campaigns in one place allowing advertisers to reach customers in all phases of their journey from discovery to conversion.

Recently, Opera Ads proudly celebrated its two-year anniversary. Since its launch it has become a force to be reckoned with, reaching and engaging millions of Opera users worldwide with innovative, content-based ad experiences from Opera’s global inventory, across its portfolio of products and partner inventories.

Hundreds of millions of engaged users choose Opera products to lead their online lives. Consolidated financial results from the second quarter 2021 showed advertising revenue has increased 128% year-over-year, to $28.9 million, predominantly fueled by monetization growth within Opera News and mobile browsers. The standalone revenue for Opera News grew 442% year-over-year and 49% sequentially versus the first quarter of 2021.

Over the last two years, the Opera team has maintained a commitment to improving user experience by introducing innovative, feature-rich ad formats. As a result of these efforts, Opera is launching a self-serve advertising platform Opera Ad Manager powered by DanAds, a leading provider of self-serve technology. As a response to our advertisers’ needs, we made it seamless and efficient to tap into the Opera Network and reach an engaged target audience by offering an easy to use interface to access our inventory in the most transparent way.

Opera Ad Manager is a portal that offers individual businesses and service providers the opportunity to advertise to their ideal audience around the globe, leveraging an easy to use interface to access the scaled inventory of Opera’s trusted browsers and news apps in the most transparent way. The video introduction to Opera Ad Manager is available here.

As a response to our advertisers’ needs we have made it seamless and efficient to tap into the Opera Network and reach and engage target markets by self managing and optimizing marketing campaigns. Opera is now offering anyone the ability to buy and advertise with Opera making advertisers completely self-sufficient in their campaign execution. Opera is lowering the threshold for advertisers around the world by allowing access to it’s wide audience with even a moderate budget. This is a perfect fit for small and medium enterprises which are just about to start to advertise their businesses. Using state of the art self-serve tools makes the process of placing an ad simple, fully controllable at every stage and easily changeable to tune the campaign inline with its objectives.

“At Opera we are always looking for innovative technologies to be integrated in our products and extend our offering. The partnership between Opera Ads and DanAds allows for complete automation of all ad operations, saving time and effort, which in turn leads to an increase in campaign efficiency and, thus, maximizes the ROI of every ad dollar spent.” says Per Wetterdal, EVP Commercial.

There are a great number of successful and innovative providers of self-serve technology beyond the big two: Google and Facebook. DanAds is one of the leading independent providers of choice on the market and is known for providing publishers with their own customizable, scalable, self-serve platforms, allowing for the automation of all ad operations, sales, and creative management to increase revenue effectively. It is trusted by companies like Tripadvisor, Hearst Magazines, Bloomberg Media Group, The Atlantic, New York Post and Philips.

“We have been excited since day one of working together with Opera on the Opera Ad Manager. Our two companies have many similarities, being Scandinavian players on a truly global market and believing in the need for a transparent ecosystem. This is just the beginning of our partnership and we look forward to continue our set roadmap together”, says Istvan Beres, co-founder and CEO at DanAds.

By partnering with DanAds, Opera Ad Manager allows anyone to convey their message to the right audience, at the perfect time, in the most opportune place thanks to:

  • Ease of use and freedom of choice: Starting a campaign has never been simpler thanks to the straight-forward and easily accessible platform. At every stage it is possible to view all available options and play with the variables. This freedom of choice is what makes self-service advertising so popular.
  • Full control of campaigns: Manage your creatives, scheduling, spending and targeting with fully transparent results. From custom reporting and analytics for the campaigns visualized with online graphs and tables to the easy export options.
  • Reach: All the necessary tools to reach millions of potential users around the globe are presented on the platform.

Opera is looking forward to continuing implementing technologies that not only allow brands to connect with large, highly-engaged audiences, but to target those audiences with precision. All with Opera, and its innovative features, at the core.

About Opera

Opera is a leading global web innovator with an engaged and growing base of hundreds of millions of monthly active users. Building on over 25 years of innovation that started with browser products, Opera is increasingly leveraging its brand as well as its massive and highly active user base in order to expand its offerings and business. Today, Opera offers users around the world a range of products and services that include PC and mobile browsers, the AI-powered newsreader Opera News, and recently launched fintech and classifieds apps. Opera is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange (OPRA).