Meet our Full-stack Software Engineer – Lazizbek Ergashev

DanAds is the global leading provider of self-serve ad platforms. Our success story is powered by an international team of top-tier talent — let’s get to know them!

Today we’re introducing Lazizbek, our Full-stack Software Engineer, based in Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

Hey Lazizbek! Could you tell us a little bit about your role at DanAds? 

Hey there! I work at DanAds as a full-stack software engineer, responsible for both front-end and back-end development of our apps. Upon joining the team in 2022, I applied my extensive knowledge of PHP and Laravel to construct robust and flexible back-end systems. Our responsibilities encompass the entire process, from creating database schemas to developing the server-side code and APIs utilized by our apps.

On the front end, I employ JavaScript and Vue.js to craft dynamic interfaces that are user-friendly. My role revolves around ensuring our apps deliver the best possible user experience for both publishers handling ad inventory and advertisers planning campaigns. Additionally, I prioritize deploying and containerizing our apps using Docker, accelerating the development process and ensuring seamless application in various settings.

Through my work at DanAds, I can make significant contributions to the ad tech business. I am provided with the opportunity to devise new strategies for publishers to enhance their advertising skills. The job presents new challenges daily, fostering continuous improvement in my skills as a software engineer. I have the flexibility to work from home in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, which is great.

What did you do before you started this position?

I freelanced before joining DanAds as a full-stack software engineer in 2022. Contributing to several projects gave me diverse experience. While freelancing, I faced several hurdles, improved my problem-solving skills, and gained a variety of skills that I currently use at DanAds. Freelance work has shaped my skills and prepared me for full-stack software engineer duties.

Five fast questions with Lazizbek

Where are you from?

I am from Bukhara, Uzbekistan, one of the ancient cities of Central Asia. This historically rich city boasts a legacy that spans centuries, with its roots deeply intertwined with the Silk Road.

What’s your favorite music? 

Classical music or music that helps me concentrate is what I like to listen to the most. It makes it easy for me to focus and lets me get lost in my work. I find that the soothing and energizing tones of classical music help me work in a way that is both enjoyable and effective.

What’s your favorite way to unwind? 

My favorite ways to unwind include delving into books, both related and unrelated to my professional sphere, providing a welcome escape. I also find relaxation in programming, exploring new projects, or experimenting with coding challenges. Additionally, playing online games with friends serves as an enjoyable and social way to unwind, balancing my interests in technology and leisure.

What inspired you to pursue a career in ad tech? 

The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of ad tech, coupled with its impact on shaping digital experiences, inspired me to pursue a career in this field. I’m motivated by the challenges and innovations that come with creating effective advertising solutions in a tech-driven landscape.

What’s the best thing about being part of the DanAds team?  

The best thing about being part of the DanAds team is the collaborative and innovative environment. Working with a talented and diverse group of individuals fosters creativity and allows for the continuous exchange of ideas. The company’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions and a supportive team culture creates a dynamic workplace where everyone’s contributions are valued.

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