DanAds partners with AdGreetz

Both companies will gain trusted partnership status with each other as well as strengthen their overall offering to their publisher clients.


DanAds, the Stockholm-based and world-leading provider of self-serve advertising infrastructure, today announces its partnership with AdGreetz (www.adgreetz.com), the industry-leading ad-tech/martech personalisation platform. The partnership enables DanAds’ publisher clients to offer a customisable, scalable and white-labelled self-service platform for advertisers to purchase and manage personalised video and display ad campaigns.


As part of the partnership, both companies will gain ‘Trusted Partner’ status with each other and jointly strive to reinvent the $750B marketing industry making it more transparent, smarter, more personal, more activating and more profitable. By making DanAds’ self-serve platform available, AdGreetz will enable its clients to seamlessly book video and display advertising space and target millions of individual consumers with highly personalised, relevant ads.


Istvan Beres, CEO and co-founder of DanAds, comments: “We are incredibly excited to form this partnership with AdGreetz. By making our self-serve platform accessible to AdGreetz’s wide array of clients, they can more seamlessly and effectively buy and manage mass advertising campaigns that target millions of consumers, which remain relevant to each individual. Due to its effectiveness, this style of hyper-personalised advertising is becoming increasingly popular and we want to make it accessible to any brand or company that wishes to utilise it.”


Eric Frankel, CEO and co-founder of AdGreetz added: “Many of AdGreetz’s OTT platforms and publishing partners are in need of a self-serve advertising infrastructure white-labeled, customisable platform (like Facebook and Google). DanAds delivers on this much-needed tool. Together with AdGreetz’ personalization capabilities, the partnership will fill an existing void in digital advertising.”


About AdGreetz

AdGreetz (www.adgreetz.com) is the leading DCO+™ video personalisation platform disrupting the advertising space by empowering brands, agencies and ad platforms to revolutionise their marketing, build stronger relationships with customers and increase engagement and activation by producing and deploying thousands (or even millions) of hyper-personalised, relevant, data-driven, video and display ads and messages through 10-plus data sources across 26 channels. 


AdGreetz was founded in 2009 by CEO Eric Frankel and is based in Los Angeles, California. Among AdGreetz’s clients are some of the world’s leading tech, entertainment, automotive and food and beverage companies including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Nestlé, BMW and Pepsi.