DanAds opens new Polish office in heart of Warsaw

As part of the company’s rapid growth journey, DanAds has opened a new development hub in Warsaw, Poland. The new office will be staffed by approximately 10 developers and led by Wojciech Oleksy, Deputy CTO at DanAds: 

“This is an exciting development that will allow us to scale our operations and build highly efficient teams. I believe that Poland has a lot to offer and that this new development hub will prove critical to DanAds’ continued success.”

Says Istvan Beres, CEO and Co-Founder at DanAds:

“Our client base and our own product development have grown rapidly in the last year. That is why we are able to expand and employ so many talented individuals, not just at our home base in Sweden but also in the USA, UK and now Poland. Our people are some of our strongest assets at DanAds and I have already been impressed with how our new Polish team is coming together.”

Istvan Beres, Co-Founder and CEO
Wojciech Oleksy, Deputy CTO