DanAds proudly announces partnership with Diversity and Inclusion Organization “Mitt Liv”

DanAds today proudly announces that we have entered a partnership with the Social Enterprise Mitt Liv.

Mitt Liv is a social enterprise working for an inclusive society and a job market that values diversity. Mitt Liv have passionately worked with diversity and inclusion since 2009, based on a strong conviction, a vision of equal opportunities for jobs and equal working conditions for everyone in the Swedish labour market.

For DanAds our partnership with Mitt Liv means formalizing our commitment to promote a diverse and healthy workplace, enabling us to take part of all the insights and experience that Mitt Liv has acquired over the years. DanAds engagement is primarily comprised of two parts; sponsoring Mitt Liv and their operations on a yearly basis, and actively participating in “Mitt Livs Chans,” a mentorship programme for individuals with a foreign background who do not have a job befitting their qualifications, contacts and networks.

“For us at DanAds, we have always made sure that we are a company open for everyone, no matter background.  Everybody deserves a chance, and we take pride in the diverse and highly engaged team we have at DanAds. I personally came to Sweden with my family when I was 14, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without people believing in me and giving me that first opportunity to work and prove myself, so this cause is close to my heart”, says Istvan Beres, CEO at DanAds.

About Mitt Liv:

Mitt Liv is a social enterprise working for an inclusive society and a job market that values diversity. The way we see it, being a social enterprise means addressing social challenges with innovative solutions based on profitable business practices. Today Mitt Liv operates in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Östergötland (Norrköping and Linköping) and Malmö.

Our objectives are not for profit, but profitability and growth are important in order to achieve our socially beneficial goals. We aim to be a social enterprise that generates its own revenue and grows through its own efforts. In this way we can achieve sustainability and the strength and continuity required to bring about major lasting changes to the equality and diversity of the Swedish jobs market.

Mitt Liv is a limited liability company with special profit distribution limitations that entail any potential profits being reinvested back into the business. Mitt Liv has no religious or political affiliations.

To read more, visit Mitt Livs website