Wimt announces their collaboration with DanAds to develop a self-serve advertising platform

The new platform promises simple and efficient ad buys for a wide range of advertisers, agencies and brands in the Sport industry.

Wimt announces their collaboration with DanAds to develop a self-serve advertising platform

Stockholm, SE – June 27, 2024 –  Wimt today announces that it is building a custom self-serve advertising platform with DanAds. The new ad platform will automate the ad buying process and offer greater flexibility to advertisers, allowing businesses of all sizes to easily access Wimt’s portfolio. To design the platform, Wimt has partnered with DanAds – an industry expert with experience supporting global media brands like Paramount (USA), Nine (Australia) and TVM / TV4 (SE). 

“We are currently in the process of implementing the self-service advertising platform from DanAds. Their team has been both accommodating and professional, guiding us with clear processes and excellent service. Their expertise in the field is evident, and they consistently provide valuable support. We are confident in their ability to help us achieve a successful outcome” said Sebastian Lundgren, CEO at Wimt.

 “The sports industry is a dynamic and passionate landscape, and advertisers need solutions that can keep pace,” said Marie-Lou Penin, Head of Marketing at DanAds. “Our e-commerce platform solutions give sports organizations the tools to create impactful campaigns that resonate with their target audiences, ultimately driving deeper fan engagement and loyalty.”

 With more than 10 years of experience, DanAds has expertise that Wimt is excited to leverage. By working with DanAds, Wimt can give local businesses direct access to place their messages in trusted, premium news environments, with access to rich first-party audience targeting solutions and real-time reporting. This will enable businesses to engage with supporters, sports creators, clubs, and athletes in new and innovative ways.

The new platform is expected to launch this fall and will reimagine how sports brands and organizations connect with their fan base. Advertisers will gain access to a powerful suite of tools that will help them build stronger relationships with sport fans, drive sales and enhance brand awareness. 

For more information about Wimt, please visit wimt.com. To learn more about self-serve advertising automation, visit danads.com.


About DanAds

DanAds is the leading provider of self-serve and advertising automation infrastructure, supplying publishers with white-labeled, customizable, and scalable self-serve platforms. Owing to the Scandinavian propensity for transparency, DanAds believes that openness between advertisers and publishers is necessary to increase engagement and drive scale. The company supplies a closed ecosystem in which all operations and data are controlled by the publisher.

DanAds was founded in 2013 by CEO, Istvan Beres, and CCO, Peo Persson. Among DanAds’s clients are some of the world’s leading traditional publishers, including Bloomberg Media Group and Rogers Sports & Media, as well as some of the largest UGC (user-generated content) platforms and globally known brands such as Tripadvisor, Paramount, Philips, and Roku.

For media inquiries, please contact: Marie-Lou Penin, Head of Marketing, marie-lou.penin@danads.com


About Wimt

Founded in 2022 in Stockholm by Sebastian Lundgren along with co-founders Fredrik Niemelä, Alicia Pierrou, and Carin Helenius, Wimt is an innovative community platform in the sports sector. The platform offers athletes, clubs and leagues, associations, and events a way to build their own communities and actively engage their supporters and sports creators in producing interactive content. This allows various sports entities to receive inbound content for their communities and increase engagement, while sports creators get the opportunity to publish their material directly to the target audiences of these sports entities, leveraging their reach. 

With a vision to reshape the sports economy, Wimt aims to strengthen the bonds between supporters and sports entities through digital communities.

For media inquiries, please contact: Sebastian Lundgren, sebastian@wimt.com, +46 72 740 03 48