DanAds CEO named among Sweden’s top Power Players of SaaS

Breakit Power Players

We are proud to announce that DanAds CEO Istvan Beres has been named one of Sweden’s Power Players of SaaS. 

Ahead of the upcoming SaaS Summit, Breakit, the Swedish business news site, released a report mapping 199 of the most important people in the Swedish SaaS industry. 

Sweden’s SaaS industry is thriving due to its forward-thinking leaders, visionary minds, and pioneering companies that continually push the boundaries of technology. Breakit’s list of Sweden’s SaaS Power Players is an exclusive compilation of the nation’s top 199 key figures who have significantly influenced and advanced the SaaS sector.

Istvan’s inclusion in this prestigious list serves as a testament to his outstanding achievements, visionary leadership, and profound impact on the industry.

In response to this honor, Istvan expressed his gratitude and stated,

"As we continue to navigate the dynamic SaaS landscape, I remain committed to driving innovation, addressing industry challenges, and contributing to its growth. I'm proud to be part of this dynamic industry and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. Thanks to all those who have been part of this remarkable journey, and I look forward to further advancing the SaaS industry's impact in Sweden and beyond."

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