DanAds clients can now run social ad formats powered by Polar

Publishers on DanAds client list can now enable support for Self-Service access to Polar’s social ad formats for their advertisers

DanAds and Polar have partnered up to make it easy for publishers to offer social ad formats via Self-Service client access.

Bloomberg Media recently launched Boost and is the first example of the DanAds and Polar partnership in action. Advertisers can now amplify their existing social ads from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more across Bloomberg websites’ Self-Service.

As advertisers continue to spend more money with social platforms, publishers are looking to strengthen their offer and compete effectively. DanAds has enabled seamless self-serve workflows and Polar has enabled the ability to repurpose existing social ads across the web.

“The value prop here is that because we’re in uncertain times, it’s a fast and effective way for brands that want to extend their campaigns to connect with Bloomberg’s audiences,” shared Spencer Sloe, Global Head of Ad Product and Innovation, Bloomberg Media, in a recent AdExchanger article announcing Boost.

Learn more about DanAds and Polar here: polar.me/danads
See how Bloomberg has positioned Boost: polar.me/bloomberg
Read AdExchanger’s coverage of Bloomberg Boost: https://www.adexchanger.com/publishers/bloomberg-media-adds-boost-social-media-ad-formats-to-its-toolbox/

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