DanAds empowers La Presse with an innovative self-serve ad platform: Atelier Direct

La Presse, the leading French-language newspaper in Quebec, is simplifying the advertising process for small and medium-sized businesses on its platform, enabling them to connect with its vast audience of millions of monthly readers.

Introduced on January 31, Atelier Direct La Presse represents a novel self-service advertising tool. This platform empowers advertisers to quickly launch marketing campaigns throughout the La Presse ecosystem with merely a few clicks, as stated by the company.

On this new platform, advertisers have the option to choose their desired ad format from two available types: a bespoke native format and standard banners (including big box and double big box). Following their selection, they can monitor performance metrics.

“Quebec represents a dynamic market for SMEs,” says Valérie Beauchesne, managing director, media solutions at La Presse. “And we are optimistic that this solution can meet their need for visibility and grants the benefit of partnering with credible and local media such as La Presse.” Beauchesne reports that nearly a hundred clients have either created profiles on the platform, or have already launched campaigns.

“It was important for us to simplify the campaign creation process and enhance its accessibility for people running SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), who often lack the time and resources to manage their marketing campaigns,” says Patrick Salois, VP, sales and operations, La Presse.

To learn more about their platform, visit: https://atelier-direct.lapresse.ca/