DanAds has re-certified the new ISO version

DanAds has been re-certified for the latest version of ISO 27001:2022, passing with no non-conformities and no negative observations. The auditors stated, “This is the best transition to the new version seen so far.”

DanAds is the industry-leading provider of self-serve technology that connects publishers with advertisers of all sizes through a fully automated advertising platform. By offering clients their own branded platforms, they can significantly reduce manual administration and monetize their user data. This technology also enables ad buyers to accurately target audiences using first-party data from publishers’ and media owners’ platforms.

We are trusted by major publishers such as Paramount, Tripadvisor, and Roku. Handling large volumes of data we maintain the highest level of security which is critical for us, and we diligently ensure its integrity.

This certification, earned following a third-party audit of our data security and privacy protection processes, showcases DanAds’ exceptional information security standards and unwavering commitment to delivering the highest level of service to our clients.