Generative ai video producer Waymark and Self-Serve Adtech provider Danads automate entire tv advertising journey

waymark x danads

Collaboration enables media platforms to offer instant ad creation, targeted media planning and buying

DETROIT, MI and STOCKHOLM, SwedenWaymark, an AI video creation technology company, and DanAds, a provider of self-serve advertising automation technology, today announce a partnership that provides global publishers and media owners with a fully automated, white-labeled self-serve advertising infrastructure, offering comprehensive AI-generated creative production, transparent targeting and immediate distribution for their customers.

A disruptive and dynamic player in the advertising sector, Waymark leverages multiple generative AI models to effortlessly create professional, ready-to-air commercials in minutes with nothing more than a website URL. During 2023, their platform has been deployed across US and international broadcast, cable, CTV and radio networks including FOX TV stations, Spectrum Reach, Gray Television and Nine (Australia).

DanAds’ is at the forefront of self-serve ad automation technology. Their self-serve advertising infrastructure includes automated media planning, billing, reconciliation and proposal automation, eliminating the need for manual processes. DanAds provides end customers with the power of precise targeting that unlocks the full potential of user data monetization. Their global media clients include TripAdvisor, SoundCloud, Bloomberg, Zillow, Hearst and Dow Jones. Over the last decade, DanAds has earned its reputation as a premier self-serve advertising tech provider.

With this partnership, DanAds is incorporating Waymark’s AI system into its self-serve advertising platform as a plugin, allowing media firms the option to offer instantly generated, engaging commercials to advertisers as part of their campaign booking process. This seamless, all-in-one self-serve model cuts out costly resources and opens up a top-tier promotional channel to millions of businesses with a new level of convenience and flexibility.

“With the rise of CTV and its increasingly evident appeal for SMBs and local advertisers, this collaboration feels like the perfect merger for this moment in media,” said Waymark CEO Alex Perky-Stern. “Combining the DanAds self-serve platform and Waymark plugin, media companies can turn the “Upload” button into a “Create” experience that activates and delight potential advertisers who want to get their product on air.”

Istvan Beres, Co-founder & CEO of DanAds, comments, “Together, DanAds and Waymark provide publishers and advertisers with a complete solution to achieve their shared objectives. Brands can efficiently deploy affordable video ads to targeted streaming audiences on a large scale, eliminating the complexities and costs associated with traditional video ad creation.”

“The partnership between DanAds and Waymark presents a valuable opportunity to deliver advanced and comprehensive support to local advertisers, addressing the growing demand for localized advertising across various industries, especially in CTV. This announcement introduces an innovative and robust option for prospective SMB advertisers to effortlessly purchase local ads, swiftly generate market-ready creative ad messages, and assess impact, all within a single platform,” adds Peo Persson, Co-founder & Head of Sales of DanAds.

About Waymark

Waymark is using creative AI to make professional video production easier than it’s ever been. The tech startup has combined multiple generative AI models to create an end-to-end video creation platform. With their tool, anyone who can type basic instructions can produce ready-to-air commercials fit for TV, streaming, and digital. Waymark works with a diverse array of clients: from small business to leading media enterprises who need to create stunning, agency-quality commercials for their companies and clients.

About DanAds

DanAds is the leading self-serve and advertising automation provider, building self-serve advertising platforms that connect advertisers with publishers through an automated system. Our platforms enable publishers to reduce manual work and monetize user data, while providing advertisers with access to premium advertising space regardless of brand or budget. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Stockholm, with offices in New York, London, Uzbekistan and Warsaw, we serve clients around the globe, including Tripadvisor, Roku, Philips, Outside and McClatchy. Learn more at

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