Peo Persson, DanAds Co-Founder, interviewed by MarTech Cube

Peo Persson DanAds Martech interview

From our perspective, the aim has always been to help and empower the publishers


Please note: this is an excerpt from an interview with MarTech Cube, published August 24th 2021. Read the full piece on their website here. 

“Prior to co-founding DanAds in 2013, I held a number of senior roles in media and the IT industry and have a decade’s worth of experience working in adtech and media innovation.

My interest in media and automated technology began in 2007 while working in a digital sales role at a company owned by Bonnier in Sweden. In this role, I noticed the industry was lacking those automation tools required to streamline sales and ad operations. By addressing this shortfall, I knew that it could liberate publishers’ sales, AdOps, accounting, and management teams to focus more on those mission-critical and value-adding tasks that impact the most important thing: the bottomline.

Businesses will see that it’s difficult to determine the most effective marketing methods. One thing I believe will be a struggle is to acquire accurate data. Without clear data of what’s working and what’s not working, it will become very difficult for a business to determine the direction of its marketing strategy and where to allocate budget.
With the right self-serve tools, marketers and the wider business can learn from and optimise first party audience data allowing you to make informed decisions when it comes to changes to strategy and budget allocation.

At the DanAds office in Sollentuna, Sweden

From our perspective, the aim has always been to help and empower the many publishers, who, unlike big companies such as Facebook and LinkedIn, lack the necessary expertise or labour and financial resources to build their own self-service platform and, as a result, are stuck in an expensive and time intensive cycle of relying on both manual direct sales and third party-controlled, non-transparent programmatic sales.

By offering the accessibility and ease of transaction to both traditional and emerging digital publishers, we are able to provide a direct line between the business and advertiser, offering a one-stop solution that enables automation of all ad operations, sales, and creative asset management, as well as helping to open up additional revenue streams for publishers as the world migrates to online at a growing pace. From the advertisers’ perspective, we also empower local and small businesses, for whom the barrier to entry may have previously been too high, to reach the target audience of their choice.”

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