Advertisers can now buy email and programmatic inventory through McClatchy Ad Manager, powered by DanAds

SACRAMENTO, Calif. and STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Feb 21, 2023 — McClatchy, one of the largest media companies in the United States with over 80 million unique visitors, has unveiled two exciting new McClatchy Ad Manager features providing advertisers with next-level options via this self-service campaign platform. These updates – the ability to purchase both email and programmatic inventory from McClatchy’s one-stop shop—are offered as part of the publisher’s partnership with adtech firm DanAds.

With these additional product offerings, advertisers now have access to double opt-in email lists that ensure groups of users have chosen to receive marketing notifications, thereby increasing engagement and improving targeting data accuracy. Additionally, emails remain in the user’s inbox until they’re deleted, providing multiple opportunities for users to engage with an advertisement. This channel also offers the most space for creative copy of any digital advertising solution as the client has full control over the contents of the email. 

This upgrade further enhances advertising capabilities for small- and medium-sized businesses. According to Jane Howard, Senior Vice President of Advertising at McClatchy, “With these new additions, the early feedback from our customers has been positive and I’m extremely proud of our team’s commitment to the platform and the pace of ongoing innovation surrounding this project in partnership with our counterparts at DanAds.” 

On the programmatic side, advertisers will now have the ability to place ads on a curated list of 55,000+ trusted publisher sites, where placements are manually reviewed ensuring a positive user experience and reasonable numbers of ad placements per page. Advertisers will benefit from custom audience capabilities, allowing them to target exclusive audiences based on a number of criteria, including user online behavior, visits to real-world locations, and subscribership. 

Additionally, audience targeting capabilities are improved by using segments from trusted data providers to reach new audiences. Peo Persson, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Sales at DanAds, said:  “The speed with which we have scaled up the technical capabilities of McClatchy Ad Manager is a testament to our team’s deep expertise in self-serve advertising. McClatchy’s portfolio of premium news titles is perfectly suited to the new generation of contextual, brand-driven audience targeting, and we’re very excited to see how advertisers engage with these new game-changing features.” Additionally, programmatic also offers the ability to serve native advertising, which mimics publisher content often leading to higher engagement than traditional display banner positions. With ongoing improvement planned as the platform continues to develop, McClatchy Ad Manager is positioned for continued growth as a leading self-service tool in the publishing industry and beyond.

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For further information please contact Marie-Lou Penin, Head of Marketing at DanAds, or Jane Howard, Senior Vice President of Advertising at McClatchy.